In the United Kingdom, Manchester United (MU) and Liverpool FC (LFC) have been the two conventional adversary football crews for a very long while. It is incredibly hard for an aficionado of one to cherish the other or change from one to the next. How could I wind up supporting Liverpool as a United fan.

I got into soccer during the world cup competition facilitated by Korea/Japan in 2002. In those days, Korea’s soccer group was viewed as powerless among top groups like Brazil, Spain, and Germany. During pre-competition coordinates, Korea’s group lost every benevolent game and not many Koreans, including me had any expectation in Korea’s national football crew.

Notwithstanding, Ji Sung Park, a present minister of United, remained in the vanguard and caused the supernatural occurrence to occur. Korea handily progressed to the round of 16 and wound up in fourth spot, sending Italy, Spain and different countries home as the opposition advanced. Park’s monstrous presentation at the world cup got me into แมนฯ ยูไนเต็ดลิเวอร์พูล soccer.

At the point when Park finished paperwork for Man Utd in 2005, I normally began to suppport United and instinctually got unfriendly to United’s opponent Liverpool. For a long time, I have upheld United with my entire being. Be that as it may, in 2010, my devotion towards the United began to wane. I was hypnotized by the Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard and striker Fernando Torres. By one way or another, I moved my thoughtfulness regarding Liverpool. Not long after, I found an issue. I was in a difficult situation. I was unable to help the two groups as they are the greatest opponents in British soccer. I needed to pick just one group to help.

After much contemplating and soul looking, I chose to proceed onward from Manchester United to Liverpool. The choice was incompletely simple. I was committed to Park than to United. Quick forward to today, I am overpowered by the dynamic and fiery vibe of Anfield, loaded up with the Kop. Serenade like “You will never Walk Alone”, a representative tune of the Reds, touches off my heart and makes me progressively faithful to the group.

Thinking back, as I love the group overall, I could have stayed as an ardent Reds for as far back as nine years and feel thankful for doing as such. I think enjoying a specific player in the group can be hindering in staying a genuine fan like my past experience appears. Along these lines, I prescribe soccer fans not to adore Juventus and FC Barcelona in light of the fact that Ronaldo and Messi are in the group. Kindly love the club itself.